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Why Umbraco is the best SEO-friendly CMS out there!

Aug 11, 2022
Nikhil Prajapati Umbraco Expert

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Nikhil Prajapati


If you wish to be productive in your internet business, the first step you must take is to increase the visibility of your website.    

However, with new technologies emerging on a regular basis, keeping up with the changing environment can sometimes be challenging. Presently, site owners use a variety of CMS platforms, with Umbraco being a popular CMS used by businesses.

SEO is critical in enticing visitors to the site, and Umbraco development can easily be configured to do the most satisfactory overseeing SEO. Search engines are a significant source of traffic for your website, and appearing on the first Google results page is crucial for your company.

But what features should you look for to see if your CMS provides a solid foundation for SEO?

Why Umbraco - The SEO friendly CMS? Here are seven reasons!

Alt tags & Schema tags

You can enhance your site's performance in search results by utilizing alt text and schema tags. Search engines use keywords in the alt text to classify and index pictures for better search standings. Alt message in your website's script helps vision-challenged users and search engines define images.

Including schema tags in the script can use rich snippets in search engine results underneath the title tag. These tags increase reader engagement by giving additional data to the user, such as your company's information, contact details, rating system, and the overall number of ratings.


A robots.txt file is a simple text file placed in the core of your website that advises crawlers and bots on what they are permitted to crawl on your site.

It is a crucial component for more prominent websites with a large amount of content that wants to maximize their crawl finances. You can prevent Googlebot from crawling meaningless URLs by including crawling directions in robots.txt. It ensures that any new alerts to your relevant page are indexed more quickly.

Another excellent application for the robots.txt file is when you're creating a new website that isn't yet prepared to be indexed by Google. This way, you can prevent future problems such as using the wrong domain name and potentially having duplicate content.

Canonical URLs

These URLs are hugely beneficial to search engines. If you have numerous URLs that represent the same material, these labels help to inform search engines that these pages are the canonical URLs or the URLs which are favored for tracking purposes.

Even though the pages are all the same, Google will treat them as distinct URLs. As a result, it is a great idea to canonicalize all of your URLs, and 301 redirect the rest to the main one. You can accomplish this by utilizing the UrlRewriting.Net element included with Umbraco.

XML sitemaps

An XML sitemap is a best practice for assisting Google in crawling and indexing your website. Like the robots.txt file, this is a tiny file that needs to be placed at the root of your website.

The file contains all of your website's pages in XML format. It can be backed by other characteristics such as transition intensity, priority, and the schedule of the most recent update.

Having a sitemap and sending it to search engines is critical because it clearly shows SERPs a collection of all URLs on your online platform. It will also notify search engines about new URLs posted on your site and may cause a bot to visit in order to crawl and index the recently published information.

Best-in-class security!

To improve online security, Google labels all non-HTTPS sites as not protected. With this categorization, all visitors to your website will be warned that it is not safe. As a result, you should consider securing your website by swapping to HTTPS or SSL to prevent traffic drops.

The increased security on your site aids in increasing its legitimacy and SEO rankings, allowing you to achieve your marketing objectives. The switch to HTTPS will also enhance the user experience by protecting the data of your site visitors.

Umbraco's user-friendly SEO packages make it simple to implement these practices. Umbraco's flexible nature allows you to fine-tune customer experience and achieve your goals more quickly.

Fast loading speed

Umbraco is designed to provide you with a robust and adaptable core while avoiding code puffiness that can slow your website down. It's quick out of the box and gives you complete control.

Umbraco does not include many situation-specific characteristics that you may never ever use. That doesn't imply you can't add them; we haven't included them in the basic CMS. You are free to incorporate and use the right tool that is best suited to your website.

It implies you can get the functionalities you want and build them the way you want without having to write any extra code. It results in much cleaner code, fewer interconnections, and a solid foundation for a quick website.


If you are constructing a new version of your web page and the configuration of the site has transformed, and you haven't set up reroutes for the old URLs, the inbound links that use the old URLs will 404, which will have a detrimental effect on the SEO rankings.

Redirects are always a good idea when developing for Umbraco. You should have a way to track pages so you can arrange redirects if you keep moving, removing, or even just relabeling them.

The 301 URLs Tracker is a fantastic package that assists you in managing redirects.

To wrap it up!

In the end, with all these features, we have come to know how Umbraco is SEO friendly CMS out there. It helps you in boosting up your SEO rankings to reach a large target audience, which results in more outstanding sales and revenues.

If you are looking to leverage the multitude of benefits of Umbraco, then the leading Umbraco Gold partner like Giriraj Digital will help you out.

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