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Car Design Customization

Explore models, compare features, and customize your ride. Your go-to for car info, safety, promotions, and brand insights.

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This website provides information on company's range of cars, crossovers, SUVs, and hybrids, including models such as the Outback, Ascent, Crosstrek, Forester and Impreza Sedan. The website contains photos, specs, and information on trim options for each model, allowing visitors to compare the features of different vehicles and build and price their own.

Additionally, the website provides resources on vehicle recalls and safety, and offers promotions and incentives for purchasing a vehicle. Visitors can also learn more about client’s history, engineering and technology, and Motorsports through the website's news and corporate information sections.

Overcoming Challenges

Their Challenges and Solution & Our Result with Power-Packed !




Complex Data Management White

Complex Data Management


This System necessitated comprehensive data management to handle a diverse array of vehicle models, specifications, features, pricing, and customization options.

The accurate and efficient management and organization of this data presented a notable challenge, particularly in the context of a substantial inventory.


This System addressed the challenge of complex data management by implementing a robust system. It efficiently handled a wide range of vehicle models, specifications, features, pricing, and customization options. Advanced techniques were utilized for database management, ensuring accurate organization and retrieval of data.

Configurator Customization White

Configurator and Customization


This System provided configurators that allowed users to customize their desired vehicle by selecting different trims, colors, features, and accessories.

The development of a robust configurator that accurately reflected the available options, calculated prices, and generated precise vehicle configurations posed technical and logistical challenges.


This System formed a skilled team, well-versed in complex interfaces and backend integration, to tackle robust customization features. Team built a dynamic configurator with accurate rendering of options, price calculations, and precise vehicle configurations. Extensive testing and refinement delivered a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Performance Load Times White

Performance and Load Times


This System often contained a large number of high-resolution images, interactive features, and complex functionalities.

Ensuring fast load times and optimal performance while handling heavy traffic and large file sizes proved challenging, necessitating careful code optimization, implementation of caching strategies, and upgrading of server infrastructure.


To combat performance challenges, This System optimized speed via techniques like code optimization, minification, and compression to reduce file size. They also improved content delivery speed via optimized caching using CDNs and browser caching.

Mobile Responsiveness White

Mobile Responsiveness


With the increasing usage of mobile devices, building a This System that provided a seamless experience across different screen sizes and resolutions was crucial.

Ensuring mobile responsiveness, especially with 360 degree view and huge data with intuitive touch controls, and efficient use of limited screen space posed design and development challenges.


This System development prioritized mobile responsiveness, designing touch controls and optimized layouts to uphold an appealing interface for varying screen sizes. Meticulous attention to detail was required to overcome screen space challenges and triumph for an enjoyable user experience.

User Experience Navigation White

User Experience and Navigation


This System need to provide intuitive navigation, allowing users to easily find information about different vehicle models, features, pricing, and contact options.


The development team conducted user research to understand user expectations and preferences in designing a user-friendly interface on system. They used the findings to guide the design process and effectively meet user needs. As a result, the system provided a more engaging and satisfying user experience.

Security Privacy White

Security and Privacy


This System handled sensitive customer data, including personal information and financial details. Implementing robust security measures, encryption protocols, and complying with data protection regulations was crucial to ensure customer trust and protect against data breaches.


This System implemented robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data, including encryption, secure storage, strong authentication, and compliance with data protection regulations. These measures were essential for ensuring the protection and integrity of customer information.

Showroom Locator White

Showroom Locator


Simultaneously managing a showroom locator with an integrated map and efficiently keeping track of inventory or stock poses a difficult task due to the complexity involved in ensuring accurate inventory updates and synchronizing the location data for a seamless user experience


Utilizing a well-defined data structure, helped us manage the showroom locator along with the map and their individual inventory of cars. This approach allows for efficient data organization, easy updates, and effective tracking of inventory as well as Showroom.

Driving Success


And It was a smashing Success..!!

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