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We offer entire life cycle software product development services

We offer entire life cycle software product development services that innovate constantly, optimize expansion to market, and add competitive power to new and legacy products at the best market rates.

We strive to provide a superior user experience and provide your software products with a competitive advantage.

Every successful product in its market is one-of-a-kind, and this uniqueness minimizes risk and uncertainty during the production process.

As a leading software product development company, we envision and strategize the complete roadmap to decrease risk, regulate time and development costs, and provide high-quality consistent products.

Process we follow to achieve best results

achieve-best-result-svg and Analysis Requirement Gathering 1 Application Prototyping 2 Product Design 3 Phase Software Development 4 Verify and Review 5 Checks Testing and Quality 6 Deployment 7 Monitor Key Metrics 8 Support and Training 9

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

This is the first and most important step in software development. Collection and analysis of requirements will help us to offer you what you and your customers are looking forward to!

We keep in mind the following things to get all-around information about your business and targeted audience -

  • Vision statement
  • Elicitation and prioritization of requirements
  • Knowledge acquisition and management
  • Feasibility study or risk analysis
  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Safety, security, and performance requirements
  • Buy-in, validation, and approval of requirements
  • Tracing and changing control of requirements

Application Prototyping

We make a working prototype that helps to collect and understand requirements from the owner and enables them to understand the system. It also helps in reassuring ideas and defining go-to-market (GTM) feasibility.

Our technical expertise helps broadly through prototyping, selecting the right tools & technology, framework, and defining proper roadmaps. Furthermore, this prototyping approach also decreases requirements and design errors, including errors in user interface and planning.

Product Design

Our creative design team adopts industry standards and current trends in the market. The useful design of the application attracts users and gives a perfect sense of usability. Our team practiced following fundamentals theory.

  • Good Design needs in-depth knowledge of the industry domain.
  • Separation of concerns leads to standard architectures.
  • The output of a design activity is a technical plan or blueprint of a system that helps the developers to develop the system.

Software Development Phase

From ideas to prototypes >> prototypes to application design >> design to development. This phase requires the technical team to perform the functional part and our technical team believes in the following principles.

  • Well-structured and properly commented applications have fewer errors and are easier to maintain and understand.
  • Software-reusable code decreases cycle time and increases quality and productivity
  • The Agile method decreases the effect of a change in requirements.
  • We strongly implement robust coding standards, useful comments code, and proper unit testing during the development phase.

Verify and Review

We used to tell our technical team that error prevention is better than error removals, this method’s outcome is to increase productivity, quality, and project stability.

Thus, our development phase combined review and check of design and code. During the review, we identify the repetition of identical errors and rectify them.

We also share the same case with the team and keep practicing to improve the product development phase.

Testing and Quality Checks

Software testing is an essential part of the software development lifecycle. Our project plan covered the test plan. We develop test cases and reports during the design and development phase of software products.

We ensure that deliverables are up to the best quality. After completion, we also encourage random testing, the formal testing can show the presence but not the absence of errors.


Industry experts always said that one of the biggest application lifecycle challenges is dealing with deployment tasks. This process can be complicated and multi-pronged, with many different components and pieces interacting together.

Luckily, for this last phase of the application lifecycle, we follow a certain checklist to make sure deployment should be uninterrupted with minimum downtime.

We prefer automatic deployment: Our first approach is to use automatic deployment tools which support native OS operations and scripting deployment.

Monitor Key Metrics

Once a new version of the software is deployed, it requires some days for monitoring including Server Utilization, exception rates, log volume, database performance, etc. If any performance issue occurs, we identify the cause and fix it early as possible.

Giriraj Digital makes sure your software product deployment will be smooth, with minimal downtime, and ensures the best performance.

Support and Training

We understand software product delivery isn’t enough until it’s worth resolving business challenges or achieving goals. We believe in supporting after-sales and providing documentation and training after deployment. Also, we are doing a maintenance agreement contract after successful product delivery.

Intuitive services Giriraj digital have -

Software product engineering doesn’t just code. It includes the accuracy of understanding the client’s requirements, business goals, expectations, etc.

We offer cost-effective solutions with the finest technology to our clients. Our effective solution and technology proficiency keep our clients ahead of the competition.

Giriraj Digital, a software product development company in India (Ahmedabad) helped many clients and IT owners (s) in the product lifecycle stage and achieve their goals.

Software maintenance is a key portion of the application ecosystem. It requires improvements in performance, functional enhancement, better user experience, update security patches, and many more in existing software, and, by maintaining software, it provides a competitive edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Giriraj Digital, an offshore software product development company, helps you in completing up-gradation or maintenance with our proven approaches.

Giriraj Digital executes a well-planned knowledge transfer and product ramp-up process to verify and confirm that our team fully understands the client’s product and business perspective.

  • Software Maintenance service line
  • Software development: Maintenance Onsite and Offsite
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixes
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Functionality tuning and smooth UI.

Research, design, and implementation of new features

Well-established software product becomes outdated in times span and maintenance of such software product is expensive, difficult, and very limited in terms of technology and usability. Many business owners wish to migrate their software products with a new platform and mainstream technology.

To achieve this business goal for our client, we apply our powerful experience of application re-engineering, which assesses the investment in legacy systems by carefully analyzing the legacy application set and business logic, and then mining with a tool-based approach.

Our application re-engineering approach comprises data migration, a technology migration system using tool-based reverse engineering, and forward engineering.

  • Key segment services for software application re-engineering
  • Migration to new software business model (Like Saas, Paas, on Cloud)
  • UI and UX up-gradation and technology version upgrades
  • Porting and data migration
  • Legacy systems and software application re-engineering
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Code re-structuring or Code formatting
  • Platform migration

Software Re-Engineering execution planning

  • Product assessment to be migrated
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Analysis of platform and technology to be supported on the technology segment
  • Analysis of data domain and create detailed project specifications
  • Systems Planning and prototype (Technical architectural design, interaction protocols, and technical specification on separate modules)
  • Systems Engineering (Systems specification, Development, Quality test)
  • Project Documentation (Systems architecture information, code detailing, etc.)
  • Systems optimizing and performance.

The initial steps are for assessment of the pre-migration process afterward software development approach and method to deliver updated software applications.

We want you to succussed with a minimum budget and time. Using MVP, you can test your product’s idea without investing a lot of time and money. We start MVP development with an understanding of product vision and fundamental features required to launch and test in the market.

After deciding all features with the product’s owner, we start with the product’s user journey design by understanding the user’s goal, motivations, user’s pain points, and overall character. We deliver all-screen designs for web and mobile. After the design, we start with development and testing.

We test the MVP with real users, collect feedback and incorporate their feedback to develop a high-quality and user-friendly product.

We are using an amazing combination of our skills & innovative
tech to offer you with desired solutions.


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Streamlined Methods

Working on a client’s project, we choose the right kind of software product development process. Broadly we divide our process into 3 phases

  1. Functional (business functions, such as value proposition, customer segmentation, user joinery, and key activities to deliver value, cost, and revenue)
  2. Software development
  3. Marketing Plan

Giriraj Digital will synchronize and streamline the process. Also, we have implemented the agile method with a highly responsive approach for many clients.

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Customized Solutions

We go further into the project's short- and long-term objectives, and after learning about the client's objectives, we use our subject expertise to design a bespoke software solution.

With our tech-enabled and data-driven bespoke solutions, we have a passion for business expertise and can turn your company goals into reality.

Are you willing to launch a user-friendly product? Giriraj Digital will help you out with this!

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Your Reliable Partner

Giriraj Digital is not just your partner for digital product development, we are family. We promise that

  1. Our client will get a world-class software product
  2. We do not compromise on quality, user experience, and security
  3. You will have exceeded your expectations and a delightful experience
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Training & Support for Employees

We have eagerly embraced outsourcing, which has strengthened from a cost-cutting exercise to an innovation-driven approach. Our team feels that if our resources do not align with contemporary technology; we are putting our clients at a disadvantage.

As a result, we invest in our workers' training and development, ensuring that they are qualified to understand and respond to our client's business demands.

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Highly Flexible

We are unique, and we boast about it, but our skills and adaptability to technology are unrivaled. Our consultants and project managers are highly skilled and experienced.

They can be able to grasp the scope of work, answer business questions, and produce high-quality work on schedule for our clients.

We are willing to use any client-requested communication method to ensure interaction challenges do not hamper that connectivity.


A product engineering services provider who knows the ins and outs of the product design and development phase may assist in reducing product development risks.

A skilled company also helps to keep the manufacturing costs low by using tactics such as bettering material selections or simplifying components to lessen the risk associated with your investment.

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