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During this digital age, Enterprise businesses are focused on optimizing costs and aligning IT with their business to gain market advantage and stay ahead of the competition. To accomplish such goals, Custom application development is a winning decision that goes above offered predefined solutions or services. Essentially by making your application rich or developing a new one (as business demands), Organizations are utilizing custom development solutions to renovate their business.

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Web Application Development Journey S T E P 1 R&D and Consulting S T E P 2 Front-End Development S T E P 3 B a c k -End Development S T E P 4 Testing & QA C O M P L E T E S T A R T

The Giriraj Digital Solutions

Dev Lifestyle
Full Lifecycle Application Development

    We provide full-service custom application development services for any age of

  • Application Ecosystem
  • Conceptualization
  • Application Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • Function Development & Implementation
  • Beta Testing & Acceptance
  • Application deployment & Maintaining the entire application
Technical Support
Technical Maintenance & Support

    We are helping many business and enterprises to maintain their current application or add more value to improvise their application.
    Entrepreneurs spend excessively to keep in-house permanent IT staff and the amount of work still isn’t sufficient.
    To optimize this business challenge, we offer Technical maintenance support on-demand basis.

Our Agility for Custom Web Application Development Services


Scalable Architecture

We prefer scalable architecture to develop the application so that when our client’s workload increase application works well and adopt things easily and have uninterrupted performance.

Agile Dev

Agile Development

A good application can be built on a good thought process and agility while executing a development plan. We use Scrum and Kanban agile development when thinking about application development strategy as continued testing makes the application better. We separate each development module and create 2 weeks sprint for each module and afterward combined it with our testing method and deliver refined and quality applications.


Security and Performance

We apply strong data security processes to all of the applications we create, preventing leakage that could compromise your business. We check basic injections and breaches for data security. Furthermore, while developing applications we make sure to use lightweight components for better performance for each module and overall best performance on results.

Thinking to Develop SaaS Application or would like to improvise your current Web Application

What We Can Do

Gd We Do
Gd We Do
ASP.NET Development

With Multiple years of experience, we offer Professional Web Application development services in all .Net frameworks like ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and .NET Core.

Gd We Do
PHP Development

We have PHP Experts with 9+ years of experience in developing custom web applications of any sort or type including various frameworks i.e. Yii and Laravel etc.

Gd We Do
Front End Development

Having experienced Front-end engineers and a Full-Stack Development Company We have strong command over front-end stacks like VueJs, ReactJs, NodeJs, Angular, etc.

Gd We Do
Content Management System

CMS such as Umbraco, Sitecore & NopCommerce, have a team of professionals who go the extra mile to make the clients happy and satisfied with the usage of CMS.

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