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Stock Tracker Web App

Custom Solution for tracking product availability on more then 50+ market places.

Stocks Trackinglp


We got an opportunity to develop an online tool that can keep an eye on you, on the unavailable products of certain shops, and notify users when the product gets available. On the basis of the purchased plan, the user will be able to choose a product and set an alert for its availability. If the user is registered with premium plans, this system can assist him with price comparisons between various shops or online e-commerce platforms. 

This tool allows users to search for the relevant product and also submit a new product that is not listed in the database. When a user submits a new product, this system will search for the respective product in all the integrated shops. The user gets notifications when the product is available for purchase.

With the help of this tool, users will not miss out on unavailable or rarely available products. As soon as there is any stock added for the chosen product, the user will be notified.

Overcoming Challenges

Their Challenges and Solution & Our Result with Power-Packed !




Parallel Integration Of Ecommerce Stores White

Parallel Integration of eCommerce stores


We needed to integrate multiple eCommerce platforms with this tool in order to track the unavailable products and compare prices of selected product

This platform includes different domains of the same brands, like domains of &


With the combination of an already available package and our custom code for Umbraco, we were able to fulfill this requirement.

It helped us get the required amount of information from desired eCommerce platform that we can utilize for further usage.

Real Time Notifications White

Real-time Notifications


When a user finds any desired product unavailable in the integrated shop, the user should be notified by receiving alerts through which the user can reach the respective product and make immediate purchases.


We implemented a solution where users can get alerts of selected products via email along with the product link where users can directly make purchases without wasting time.

Subscription Based Results White

Subscription-based Results


Search results should be differentiated based on plans purchased by the user. If the user uses the system for free, he should get limited usage of the products. If the user pays a defined amount, he should get more utilization of this tool.


In order to fulfill the requirement, we decide to develop a Plan based structure where the admin can create multiple plans dynamically and users can purchase them as per their requirements. It bounds the user to utilize this system with limited resources.

New Product Submission White

New Product Submission


In case the user could not find any product in the system, it should allow the user to add a new product to the system by giving out some brief details. This product should be able to be accessible to other users and other modules as well.


If the user is looking for a specific product and could not find it, the system allows the user to add a new product into the system with some details.

The system will process the product and look for it with multiple integrated platforms and fetch their information

Payment In Multiple Currency White

Payment in Multiple Currency


The client had a requirement of offering multiple currencies while making payments. The user should be able to choose the currency when he pays for the subscription.


By using an already available package for Umbraco, we were able to get the solution to manage multiple currency-based payments. It allows users to select the currency while making purchases.

Driving Success


And It was a smashing Success..!!

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