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Multivendor ECommerce Portal

NopCommerce-based Multivendor franchising E-Commerce Portal.



Our client is an eCommerce Company, established in Ahmedabad which operates as an organization selling products over the internet with franchising with multiple vendors.

We have developed an Online Marketplace that as you can guess sells a wide variety of the latest product under Cosmetics, Clothes, Footwear, and another category. Be it the latest products, product reviews, latest trends, and more. This is your ultimate one-stop to get the latest reviews and feedback on almost all women's products. Be the first to review the latest products in women's variety.

Overcoming Challenges

Their Challenges and Solution & Our Result with Power-Packed !




Product Catalog White

Product Catalog Management


Product is the prime and prior thing that is required in an e-commerce platform. The client wanted to create a hierarchy of categories to reach the product for users to reach their desired product.

We were required entire transition should be flawless and user-friendly.


After analyzing the requirements, we defined a structure where there is a provision to add and manage the multiple levels of categories by linking parent categories and child categories.

While creating a product, the user can simply select the desired category whether parent category or child category.

Multi Vendor White

Multi Vendor Franchising Portal


The client insisted on having provision for Vendors and Franchises to access the system and through which they can manage their catalog and orders.


This system being a marketplace requires to have separate panels for Vendors and Franchises.

We have defined a different set of functionalities to Vendors and Franchises which includes managing catalog, orders, customers, etc.

Payment Options White

Multiple Payment Options


In today’s era of the digital world, most of the payment is carried without cash. Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide multiple ways to pay for the order.


In order to provide multiple methods for payment, we have integrated a gateway that allows various ways to make payment for orders. This includes methods like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc.

Sales Management White

Sales Orders Management


An e-commerce platform must have a feature where admin or vendors can view and manage customers’ orders. It should assist them in processing and fulfilling orders as well.


When customers place orders from the website, it will directly reach the relevant vendor as well as admin. The vendor will process the order in various steps with the help of this system and deliver the order.

This system will be involved until the order is received by customer and customer could share the feedback.

Campaigns Management White

Campaigns Management


No e-commerce platform is valued without promotions. There will be promotions made for products or groups of products for which this system must have a provision that should be easy to use and flawless.


For promotional reasons, campaigns are one of the simplest and most impactful tools. And so, we implemented a module where admin and vendors can create and manage their campaigns.

They are visible to users and according to fixed parameters, they will be able to execute these campaigns and target to reach a maximum number of customers in a short period.

Taxation Management White

Taxation Management


What business can operate without taxes? Conductive to operating a business, like a marketplace, one has to configure and manage taxation for customer orders, vendors as well as admin.

The client wanted us to have a user-friendly flow for taxation management


To make this feature meek, we have adopted a simple solution where the admin can manage all the taxes from the admin panel and change them as and when required.

No other user can access this feature but it adds an impact to each order placed on this system.

Commission Distribution White

Vendor Commission Distribution


Any vendor would not be interested to be associated with another business unless he can earn profits out of the same. To draw their attention, we need to design a business model that can attract and engage them.


A businessman is only attracted to another business if he anticipates extra income or more business. We designed the business model where vendors get an extra commission on their sales generated through this system.

In order to distribute this commission, we had to go the extra mile to implement a feature where the admin can view calculated commission and distribute the number of rewards among vendors.

Driving Success


And It was a smashing Success..!!



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