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The Client’s Guide: 6 Benefits of Building Digital Products with ISO Quality Standards

Feb 13, 2024
Kalpesh Rajani

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Kalpesh Rajani


ISO accreditation represents a huge meaning for service companies to maintain highly accurate processes to meet continuous global quality standards and information safety.

ISO [International Organization for Standardization] is a Non-governmental organization, and the standards ensure that services or products used by consumers are safe, reliable, and of high quality.

When it comes to Digital services, its seal of assurance that building digital software/ products or services meets global quality standards and is handed the information safely by an ISO-certified development company. ISO adhered to maintained, monitored, improvised, and audited working practices. The core concerns about enterprise clients for service reliability and quality consistency are well addressed and give assurance and confidence in the continuous delivery of quality services.

Addressing our industry requirements, GIRIRAJ DIGITAL will secure ISO 9001 for Quality Management certification and 27001 for the Security of Information and Management, showing a solid commitment to our clients to ensure customer satisfaction, improve the working processes, and manage information securely.

Why is it necessary to work with an ISO-certified software company to build software/applications?

1. Organized process

Organized processes define the proper inputs and outputs of activities, measure the results, and give a scope for improvement. With well-organized processes, a company achieves remarkable results; the following are examples of best-achieved outputs with organized process implementation.

  • 30 Minutes Pizza Delivery (Dominos)
  • 1 Day product delivery (Amazon Prime)
  • Superior product-built Quality and security (Apple)
2. Safety and data security remains at the top of the table

ISO 27001 is rigorously implemented to protect data safety and security measurement. During the service delivery phase, clients share valuable data, information, access, and assets at many points, and the client needs to ensure that shared information remains secure. The service provider has processes to maintain such a level of data security, and the people have enough knowledge to keep it safe. They are trained regularly to protect information and follow the security standards process.

3. Consistency in Quality delivery

Top quality can be achieved with the right kind of implemented work processes; with our quality standard process, we have implemented a testing process to deliver the services with checklists to ensure that the built client's solutions have passed through each test parameter.

4. Sustainability in business and operation

Each process ensures the different departments function optimally and the organization has better visibility on growth, addressing challenges, and team needs. With such sustainability, clients have a vital safeguard about service continuity with process-oriented quality.

5. International standard process

Regardless of region, the solutions and services comply with the standard international process. That means the data safety and general protocol to manage the access and information must be audited.

On the other hand, quality consistency remains paramount in service delivery. It does follow the global standard of quality tests, such as accessibility, security, functionality, and scope delivery. It surrounds a standard business practice process, including operation, development, quality, skill hiring, and other aspects of business.

6. Trust, Reliability, and confidence

From the client's perspective, the entire process aims to achieve strong brand trust, service reliability, and confidence in managing information and building quality digital products for clients.


Building digital products securely with standardized ISO quality is crucial for ensuring consumer safety, reliability, and high quality. ISO accreditation signifies adherence to global quality standards and information safety protocols, essential for maintaining accurate processes in service companies. For digital services, ISO certification assures that products meet quality standards and securely handle information.

GIRIRAJ DIGITAL will secure ISO 9001 for Quality Management certification and 27001 for Information Security Management, a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and secure information management. Working with an ISO-certified company offers benefits such as organized processes, data security, consistency in quality delivery, business sustainability, adherence to international standards, and enhanced trust, reliability, and confidence.


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