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Why React Native?

Technology is continually changing the globe. Due to the prevalence of smartphones nowadays, businesses are spending money on app development to attract and retain clients. React Native is a prominent mobile app development language that can be employed to make massive apps for Android and iOS devices.

Through React native app development services, you can make use of these cross-platform features to reach a larger audience. React Native is the best option for businesses today since it delivers native experiences with a single codebase for various platforms, saving time and money.

But what if you're searching for an elite React development team? Consider Giriraj Digital first. We have a talented group of React specialists who can create incredible web applications

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Giriraj Digital is your one-stop solution for varied needs!

Giriraj Digital is your one-stop solution for varied needs choose from a large pool of competent full-stack software engineers to hire a professional software developer.



3rd Party Integration

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  • ASP.NET MVCJavaScript
  • ASP.NET MVCTypeScript
  • ASP.NET MVCReact Native Elements
  • ASP.NET MVCNativeBase
  • ASP.NET MVCReact Native Paper
  • ASP.NET MVCReact Native Animation
  • ASP.NET MVCLottie for React Native
  • ASP.NET MVCRedux
  • ASP.NET MVCAxios
  • ASP.NET MVCAnalytics
  • ASP.NET MVCCrash detection
  • ASP.NET MVCPayment gateways
  • ASP.NET MVCCocoaPods
  • ASP.NET MVCSqlite
  • ASP.NET MVCFirebase
  • ASP.NET MVClocal storage

Why Choose Giriraj Digital for Best-in-Class React Native?

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Diverse Expertise

Our proficiency in development enables us to successfully accomplish projects in various industries and corporate sizes. The team at Giriraj Digital thoroughly evaluates your project's specifications to produce the best solution and most customized solutions as per your target.

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Top-Notch Design & Development

For improved mobile app interaction and mobile app retention, Giriraj Digital's team of developers and designers foster creativity with a sleek UI and modern components. We also strive for a quicker loading time to guarantee an unmatched user experience and to increase lead conversions and search engine ranking.

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Varied Services

Our varied, dependable, and comprehensive range of services has enabled us to execute world-class offers for the enterprise, Fortune 100 organizations, SMEs, startups, and other business categories. Our service offerings provide the ideal fusion of technical know-how and subject-matter experience.

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Security & Compliance

We ensure that your React Native app is free from security dangers and threats in every way by providing a fine collection of security features and proofing methods. We create solutions that best satisfy your app's unique selling proposition and functional objectives by combining the appropriate collection of pertinent features in a specific structure of well-defined service modules.

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Giriraj Digital is your one-stop shop for unrivaled app development services. We are a well-known IT business that provides a variety of services, including iOS and Android app creation using React Native, customization, migration, and API integration.

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Dedicated Developers Team

To meet your various needs, Giriraj Digital offers a team of talented and committed developers at your disposal. We allocate your project to a team of professional developers so that you may communicate directly with them about the specifics of your project's requirements and quickly receive the necessary results.


Avail the benefits of this one-of-a-kind CMS platform with Giriraj Digital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is React Native so popular for creating cross-platform apps?

React Native eliminates the need to recruit separate iOS and Android engineers. It enables the creation of cross-platform apps that work across various platforms. It is frequently used by businesses all over the world to design web and mobile user interfaces.

What is the cost of full-fledged React Native development services?

The price of developing a React Native mobile app relies on a number of elements, such as the app's size, complexity, social integrations, user permission, design, ongoing support, and much more. React Native app developers are available to hire through flexible engagement options.

Due to its out-of-the-box capabilities and advantages, top brands like Pinterest, Uber, and Skype are already gaining from employing app services. Companies are also discovering that it is a notch better in terms of everything.

What procedure do you use while developing React Native apps?

The following are the major milestones in our development lifecycle:

  • Evaluate the business, technological, and functional demands.
  • Define the objective and create a plan.
  • Designing the system architecture and wireframes
  • UI/UX design and prototype
  • Development and operational deployment
  • Coding and enhancement
  • Deployment
  • launching and beta testing
  • sustaining and maintaining

Why should we choose Giriraj Digital for React native development services?

Check out the following reasons to choose!

  • Each project has a designated project manager to guarantee direct collaboration and transparency.
  • We put a lot of effort into clear project goals and deadline tracking, task and risk management, and effective communication.
  • We proactively respond to, assess, and manage our client's demands.
  • Consistency and excellence in software development
  • Dependable coding and elegant architecture

Is React native a cost-effective platform or not?

The response will be YES if you're trying to create an app for both iOS and Android platforms. However, if you only want to deploy an application for one platform, React Native is probably not the ideal choice. It's a rare situation when React Native is more expensive. Today, though, it's fairly common to create one app for multiple platforms at once.

Why should we choose React Native for cross-platform applications?

Instead of creating only native mobile applications, cross-platform development is now a fantastic alternative. The main advantage of this system is the reduction in expenses and development time. It is possible because of reusable code and pre-built parts.

React Native makes it simple for developers to create mobile apps for several platforms since, depending on the sophistication of the project, 80–90% of a script can be reused throughout platforms.

Therefore, with this development framework, your business can create applications for two platforms while using the least amount of resources possible.

How much time does it take to develop a React Native app?

It can take anywhere from two weeks to a few months to complete a React Native project. The length of the project will vary based on the number of platforms you would like the app to run on.

Expect additional delays in acquiring the final deliverables if the project's specifications change quickly. Overall, a number of factors affect how long a React Native project will take to complete. Consider using the services if your company wants to foster a more welcoming environment.

Is it possible to convert a current native app to the React Native development framework?

Yes, you can convert your current application to a React native application with ease. It is doable, but for a smooth and quick transfer, you might want to work with a qualified react native mobile app development company.

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