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Health Support Web App

Connect with health experts, access personalized advice, and explore articles and recipes for a healthier life.

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Healthcare Support is a system where the users can find an expert for their health related concerns. User can simply ask his queries to the selected expert and get relevant response to that query. By creating an account in this system, users will be able to store and refer their personalized information very easily.

This system also allow users to connect with the selected expert on personal basis. People can connect with professionals via internet and get solution of their problems without stepping out of their homes or work places.

We have also included several health related information in the form of Articles and Recipes. User can read articles on the basis of relevant genres that are defined by experts. Healthy and nutritious food is the key to a healthy life, therefore experts keep sharing healthy and delicious recipes through this platform.

Overcoming Challenges

Their Challenges and Solution & Our Result with Power-Packed !




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Forums Management


Client wanted us to develop a feature where users can get involved in an open discussion with experts and get solution to their concerns. This should be available to other users as well that can help them find solution to their similar concerns.


Conductive to the fulfilment of requirement, we implemented forums that allows users and experts to involve themselves into several open discussions.

We have created 2 different forums. One is Expert Forum which is for Experts and Users, while another is Member Forum which allows any user to share his/her experience or thoughts on the discussion

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Personalized information


When it comes to our health concerns, we strongly recommend confidentiality. And therefore it was our core necessity to maintain personalized information for each and every user.


We implemented a user specific structure where any member has authority to decide on how much information needs to stay private and how much information can go public.

After passing through login process, user can easily access his personalized information which includes his forum discussions, his liked recipes and articles, his profiles, private discussions with Experts, etc.

Experts Information White

Experts Information


How can a user believe his expert if he has no idea about the expert’s knowledge, skills, educations, experience, etc.

Client required us to make a provision where all the information about expert should be displayed to users.


In order to justify the requirement, we came up with a solution to add expert profiles in this system.

Admin can add all the information of an expert and user will be able to review that from the website.

Recipes Management White

Recipes Management


A healthy life is incomplete without healthy food. Therefore, client requested us to find a way where they can share their knowledge about healthy food.


Recipes are the best form of sharing information about healthy food. We have provided a solution where recipes can be added from admin panel and visitors can have a look at them.

Registered users can mark the chosen recipes as favourite and check them from his account for quick reference

Articles Management White

Articles Management


A knowledge base is all that is required for the professionals to share their knowledge with other people for their reference and self-improvisation. Hence, it was necessary to offer a space where people can find such a knowledge base.


We decided to showcase the knowledge base in the form of articles where users can read and share their ratings on the same.

These articles are fed into the system on specific subject and detailed information is shared with users from admin panel.

Driving Success


And It was a smashing Success..!!

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