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Construction Equipment App

Introducing an app tailored for heavy equipment operators. Track work hours, maintenance, fuel usage, and more with ease.

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We needed to create a special app for operators who drive big machines every day. This app keeps track of when they start and finish work and figures out how long they were using their equipment, resting, or if their machines needed fixing. It even lets the drivers jot down info about the fuel they use, and they can add proof, like pictures or notes. Plus, there are extra cool things in the app like making sure it's really them using it, sending little reminders, showing their personal info, and keeping a record of what they've been up to.

Overcoming Challenges

Their Challenges and Solution & Our Result with Power-Packed !




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ERPNext Integration


We tried something really new for the first time! We put together ERPNext and React Native to make this cool thing.

The way it all worked and how it was built was not like the usual, so at the start, making the app with this stuff was hard.


To conquer the ERPNext and React Native integration challenge, we conducted in-depth research, customized our approach, and promoted collaboration, leading to a successful and unique solution.

Daily Activity Logs White

Daily Activity Logs


We encountered a feature necessitating the synchronized time duration logging of operators, demanding a dual-pronged management approach across both the front-end and back-end, augmented by the incorporation of supplementary details.


To overcome this challenge, we synchronized time-logging in both front-end and back-end systems for data consistency.

Moreover, we incorporated supplementary details to effectively manage operator time durations with precision and comprehensiveness.

Timer Countdown White

Timer Countdown


Our challenge involved setting up counters for daily activity logs. These counters had to kick in and stop according to the status reported for the equipment.

The goal was to calculate the hours the equipment spent in an operational state versus an idle state, providing a detailed account of its usage and rest periods, all within the daily logs.


To address this challenge, we developed a system that automatically triggered and halted counters based on the equipment's status updates.

We implemented a timer mechanism to accurately calculate the hours spent in both working and idle states. This solution streamlined the tracking of equipment activity within the daily logs, ensuring precise recording of operational and resting periods.

API Changes White

Multiple Iterations of API Changes


The integrated backend system's influence on the mobile app was pronounced as any adjustments made within the system triggered automatic reflections in the app's API.

This, in turn, necessitated the proposition of an array of API modifications, culminating in an unfortunate delay in our delivery timelines.


To address the challenge, we initiated a thorough review process to pinpoint the areas affected by changes. We also implemented a version control system to separate web and mobile app APIs, streamlining updates and substantially accelerating our delivery schedules.

Data Management White

Fuel Data Management


The intricate challenge at hand involved the comprehensive logging and meticulous management of fuel-related data for a designated vehicle.

This encompassed not only the systematic recording but also the substantiation of such information, demanding a multifaceted approach to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Our solution involved the creation of a digital system for meticulous fuel data recording and management. We incorporated a feature to attach evidentiary documentation, enhancing accuracy and accountability.

This comprehensive approach ensured transparent and reliable fuel information management.

Error Handling White

Error Handling


The complex task at hand revolved around effectively managing errors encountered during the implementation process.

This challenge demanded an intricate understanding of the various error scenarios and the development of robust strategies to address them comprehensively.


To address this multifaceted challenge, we embraced a communication-driven solution. We established clear and open channels for team members to promptly report and discuss errors.

This facilitated a collaborative atmosphere for identifying, understanding, and resolving errors efficiently, ultimately streamlining the implementation process.

Driving Success


And It was a smashing Success..!!

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