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Reward Loyalty Program

Custom solution for a Reward Loyalty Program exclusively for students.



We got a request to develop a custom-made solution for a Reward Loyalty Program Project that is specially developed for students. It provides students with appealing deals related to every possible retail or hospitality business entity. The users of this system include Admin, Admin Employees, End Customers i.e. Students, Franchises and Vendors.

This has been one of our most challenging projects that pushes our boundaries in terms of technical and logical aspects. It has various user-specific features like Wallet, Transaction History, Orders History, etc. This system is entirely custom made helps all the stakeholders to manage their products, Deals, Orders, Transactions, other Attributes, and Reports.

Overcoming Challenges

Their Challenges and Solution & Our Result with Power-Packed !




Inter Modular Linking White

Inter-modular linking


Besides being huge in size, this project also required to have a complex Inter-modular linking for efficient communication and desired to function.


In order to develop a base architecture, we spent more time than usual and came up with a way to have a simple yet fulfilling structure where the flow of information is precise and impeccable.

Reward Points Management White

Reward Points Management


As per the defined requirement, we were required to manage the transactions for debit and credit points on the basis s of certain actions. We were to manage earnings and redemption of these reward points flawlessly.


The process of reward earning and redemption is developed entirely user-specific.

We tend to display a clear calculation of rewards in several modules like deal purchase, Wallet, transaction History, etc. Such flow helps users to manage a clean process.

Vendor Commission Distribution White

Vendor Commission Distribution


To attract one of the key users to our system i.e. Vendors, we needed some rewarding feature or benefits that could appeal to them for enrolling them in our system.


After understanding this requirement, we came up with a solution where we are offering the necessary information for each vendor, to Admin personnel.

This information includes all the information and calculation related to the order-based commission of the respective vendor.

Franchise & Vendor Management White

Franchise & Vendor Management


As this system is developed for retail business, it was necessary to have Franchises and Vendors involved individually yet connected.

It was required to have a franchise registered along with respective vendors.


We have implemented two different panels for Franchise and Vendors where they can register and utilize this system as per their role.

The franchise has the provision to add their vendors and views all the activities carried by their vendors to monitor and guide them.

Manual Payment Gateway Integration White

Manual Payment Gateway Integration


The client wanted us to integrate the payment gateway manually i.e. set a custom flow for payments using related API at every step and make it work hassle free in the smoothest possible manner.


After multiple iterations of brainstorming with the Payment Gateway team, we came up with a solution where payment flow doesn’t break and users can make their purchases with ease.

Automated Taxation And Invoice Reports Generation White

Automated Taxation and Invoice reports generation


In the world of retail business, it becomes very important to manage and fetch reports relate to taxation and invoices.

To make this process smoother, we were required to fetch certain reports in a specific format


We decided to have an automated process of report generation, where on the first day of every month, a well-formatted report gets generated with the required data of the entire previous month. Users can download the reports and use them for their legal process as required.

Driving Success


And It was a smashing Success..!!

Reward Loyalty Program
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