What is Umbraco DXP and how it is helping businesses to provide a better user experience?


It's no mystery that the field of content management systems (CMS) is filled with acronyms, and some of those are just buzzwords. But every now and then, one of these will stick over and become the next big thing. The same is accurate for - DXP (digital experience platform).

Although a content management system (CMS) is the basic software for online identity, planning, and interaction, digital experiences necessitate a range of standalone technologies to create personalized, adaptable, and connected experiences.

With a DXP (Digital Experience Platform), you have complete control over your technology stack, how each element connects with one another, and how it strengthens.

Umbraco is the ultimate CMS for composable DXP, giving you complete control over how you create your digital experience system.

Still confused? Keep reading and you’ll get to know!


Let’s understand about DXP (Digital Experience Platform) in a simpler manner.

The digital experience platform (DXP) emerged from the necessity for more additional functionality than a typical content management system (CMS) can provide.

Users of content management systems (CMS) seek personalized experiences and the capacity to predict the activities or requirements of their site visitors even before they are aware of it.

Most content management systems lack these features, necessitating the purchase of add-ons and connectors. This is where digital experience platforms enter the picture.

They're designed for generating user experience across websites, applications, and other digital interfaces which go beyond content management and give you the freedom to customize the digital experience platform that's suitable for your organization.


How Umbraco is changing DXP?

As the digital world changes, Umbraco is merging various components with DXP. Businesses may now easily share information, goods, user data, and statistics across aspects using a user-friendly, configurable solution.

Umbraco's DXP essentially allows you to manage all of your content and campaigns in one place, with the option to move and change the software as needed.

You'll feel encouraged to personalize your digital experience for the customers with Umbraco's DXP offering, which includes low-friction, out-of-the-box connectivity to software solutions that fit your requirements, business strategy, and IT goals.

That implies a shorter time to market and a solution that can withstand the test of time.


What are the features Umbraco DXP has to offer?

Umbraco has several best-in-class features, which are listed below:


You have the ability to develop and manage your own material. That, however, is no longer sufficient. Additional software in your technology stack is required to get the most from your website.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

It also assists you in managing all of your digital assets, such as videos, images, and other media.

Product Information Management (PIM)

If you run an eCommerce business, a product information management system (PIM) can help you manage your product information more efficiently.

A/B testing and personalization

Umbraco DXP's key advantage is that it allows you to provide customized results to your consumers through A/B testing.


It also has an analytics tool that allows you to see how well your website is performing.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Umbraco DXP helps you in setting up ideal customer relationship management in place.


If you’re selling products online and want to offer the best user experience to your shoppers, then also Umbraco DXP comes to the rescue.


To manage your email and social media campaigns, Umbraco DXP helps you out!     

What are the benefits of Umbraco DXP?

One-stop-shop for your varied needs!

In the Umbraco DXP, you'll find a variety of out-of-the-box integrations, as well as your favorite tech, tools, and solution. Because the tools' connections are low-friction, they can be set up quickly, resulting in a shorter time to market.

Customized solutions

Enjoy the freedom to create an architecture that's personalized to your company's and consumers' demands, while maintaining your strategy and IT goals in sync with the Umbraco digital experience platform.

Versatility at its core

You must be adaptable in order to remain versatile. That is exactly what Umbraco DXP provides to its users. It can be shaped to suit any setup or design, and it will never stop you from coming up with new ideas. If MACH or omnichannel appeals to you, you can make use of them as well.

Professional platform

Umbraco offers a stable DXP platform which is professionally supported by development teams and is constantly growing at its core thanks to regulated open-source inputs. That is to say, it is a truly future-proof approach for curating best-in-class final products.

There are two types of DXP - Monolithic & composable!

A DXP setup normally consists of two components: the monolithic DXP and the composable DXP.

Which one do you think you should pick?

There is no right or wrong in this situation. It all depends on the technological stack needs that your company will employ.

Monolithic DXP

The typical method of growing a private CMS into a full-fledged DXP with a bundled software package is known as the monolithic method of DXP. One vendor controls it all with monolithic digital experience platforms.

If you want to manage everything within one location, the monolithic method is ideal. Alternatively, consider a Composable DXP if you do want more influence over your technology stack.

Because monolithic systems include so many features, they are frequently exceedingly complex and difficult to scale.

Composable DXP

The composable DXP method, which is built on a microservice and runtime environment with best-of-breed applications, is a viable option. The DXP is a flexible, safe, and budget-friendly solution.

Best-of-breed software is the best software in its specialty, and it performs distinct purposes better than a system that attempts to do it all out of the box.

The versatility that a composable DXP provides is one of its key selling advantages. When it came to the composable DXP, it highlights MACH architecture concepts.

The emphasis of the MACH paradigm is on Microservice architecture, API, Virtualized, and Headless layout as the software solution's pillars.

Umbraco’s composable DXP Solution -

Umbraco will pursue its long path from Best-of-Breed solution supplier to delivering Composable DXP solutions, simply elevating the CMS offering by integrating specialized components on top.

However, Umbraco is primarily a content management system (CMS), and in order to provide the greatest possible digital experiences to end-users, it is critical to feeling responsible for facilitating a composable DXP - making it even easier for editors and programmers.


How Umbraco’s DXP solution is making tasks easier?

Umbraco collaborates with software suppliers in areas such as commerce, customization, and product information management (PIM), all of which function in harmony with CMS in a DXP.

When a customer's relationship with Umbraco and then another tech provider is strengthened, and a shared interface is created, it's easier for them to connect the two technologies and reap the benefits of a composable DXP.

Users can escape vendor lock-in and other potential transaction expenses this way, resulting in a faster time to market.



The purpose of this blog post is to make Umbraco users aware of the digital experience platform (DXP) and its varied benefits.

We want to provide a better understanding of Umbraco, DXP, and how it will help editors, developers, vendors, and other individuals to provide best-in-class functionality to its users.


So, we hope you have found this blog helpful, for further information regarding how you can leverage it to make the process seamless, reach out to Giriraj Digital - An Umbraco Gold partner and we would love to help you out!

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