Umbraco Got Featured by G2'S 2023 Best Software Awards!


In the world of technology and the increasing need for managing content seamlessly, content management systems (CMS) play an important role and help businesses manage and organize digital content.

But there's a problem!

The problem of choosing an ideal one.

There are many CMS available in the market, and it becomes quite difficult to choose the right one for your business.

But don't worry! Keep reading to find your answer!

To make it easier for you, every year, technology companies release rankings of the best content management software products based on user reviews, market presence, and overall satisfaction.

In 2023, G2, a technology company that provides a platform for reviews, ratings, and business software comparisons, released its annual awards, recognizing the top-performing CMS available in the market. And being the top leading Umbraco Gold Partner, we are happy to see Umbraco on the list.

Let's scroll to find out more about the G2 best software awards and Umbraco's Position.

About G2 Best Software Awards:

Before moving toward the awards and all the winners, let's find out more about G2. It is a trusted platform for software and services reviews, known for providing reliable and accurate rankings of software products based on real user feedback, features, and performance.

The company provides a platform for reviews, ratings, and business software comparisons that help businesses make informed decisions when opting for the software. And this time, they have released the top 50 Content Management Systems available out there.

The G2 rankings are based on data collected from real software users, providing an unbiased and accurate representation of the best content management product in 2023 based on its functionality and user experience.

Umbraco CMS: Got listed in the G2 rankings!

G2 released a list of some of the best content management software based on its functionality and being a Umbraco Gold Partner - we are glad to announce that Umbraco even got featured on this list.

Umbraco is an open-source CMS designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and customizable. It is built on the .NET framework and is written in C#, making it a popular choice for businesses and organizations that use Microsoft technologies.

In the list of top CMS based on functionality, Umbraco CMS grabbed the 34th spot. This feature is a testament to the platform's popularity and effectiveness and demonstrates its ability to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of various sizes and industries.

Umbraco's G2 ranking among the top CMS is a positive reflection of the platform's capabilities and its popularity among users in the content management industry.

Umbraco's ranking also highlights the importance of user experience and satisfaction in Umbraco development and reinforces the value of customer feedback in shaping and improving software products.


In conclusion, Umbraco's CMS recognition as one of the top-performing software in 2023 is a significant achievement for the platform and Giriraj Digital (As a whole).  And, for your information, G2's rankings are based on real user feedback, making it an important resource for businesses and individuals looking to invest in the right CMS for their unique business requirements.

It is a great achievement for the Umbraco community and will likely contribute to the platform's continued growth and success.

If you are looking to check out the full list of top performers, access the full list here!

And as Umbraco ranked 34 among all the platforms, we are proud to be associated with Umbraco as a gold partner and leveraging its out-of-the-box benefits for our clients and our content management needs. If you are looking to utilize this one-of-a-kind platform and discuss Umbraco's development needs, you can reach out to Giriraj Digital. We have a team of Umbraco experts who can assist you throughout!

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