Uniting Sitecore Enthusiasts Worldwide

After a brief halt due to COVID-19, SUGCON 2023, held on 24th and 25th August 2023 at The Hotel Grand, New Delhi, was full-packed with two-day sessions focused on Sitecore and various interactive topics.

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Sitecore User Group Conference

Leading by tech companies have organized the Event, and the 2-day conference provides a multi-range of knowledge about diverse Sitecore products and a future vision of excellent technology. As an experienced Sitecore development company that brings value to many of our clients, it's been privileged to meet with many industry leaders, the Sitecore team, the Sitecore community group, Talented Sitecore engineers, and likeminded people who love Sitecore. There were around 300+ participants, and sessions were concurrently breakouts to 3 different halls.

The DXP Growth Journey

Insights from Sitecore's VP and Developer

The Events commenced by the VP of Product Marketing and Developer at Sitecore, Mr. Pieter Brinkman, who shared his knowledge on the growth of DXP (Digital Experience Platform) and the collaboration of team members, Mr. Pieter Brinkman brightened their session “Digital Experience is a Team Sport!” and shared his thoughts on Sitecore's vision from a future DXP perspective. The talk stayed around DXP and the growing digital landscape. Sitecore is committed to innovation and staying ahead of the curve. 

Sitecore Conference 2

What you will get?

MVP Awards

Nicole Montero briefly described his journey with Sitecore, presented a roadmap for becoming an MVP and shared information on MVP mentorship. It was valuable information in every aspect of the MVP, growth, knowledge and more.
Sitecore MVP 2023

MVP Awards

People, Networks and Knowledge

We're super excited and can't wait to dive into the Umbraco Codegarden experience! We're looking forward to hearing from awesome speakers, meeting fellow developers, and just having a great time. 

And, we urge you to join us at this one-of-a-kind Umbraco conference. It's a great chance to learn new things, meet cool people, and be part of the lively Umbraco community. Don't forget, you can even join us online if you can't make it in person.

We're looking forward to meeting you. Also, keep an eye out for updates and insights when we get back from the event. See you on the other side!

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