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Top 10 companies who have adopted Vuejs for their development needs

Nov 10, 2022
Rajen Ghorecha Vuejs Expert

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Rajen Ghorecha


Vue.js' success continues to rise at an exponential pace, while more and more companies are adopting Vuejs for their development needs. Even the top businesses are trusting this powerful and have accepted Vuejs.

But why?

Why companies are increasingly trusting this framework?

Let’s find out.

Vue.js has rapidly developed itself as one of the most common JavaScript frameworks. Its success has skyrocketed in the last year, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Applications built with Vue.js are extremely fast and your project team would have no trouble taking up the code because Vue.js is relatively quick to understand.

Vue.js has piqued the attention of developers for some time, and the platform now has a vibrant group of supporters.

In this blog, we as a leading Vuejs development company will be listing the top 10 who have adopted this highly scalable framework for their unique business requirements.

Top 10 companies who are using the Vuejs framework for developing user-centric web products.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 companies that are increasingly using Vuejs for their unique Vuejs development companies. And also take a pro tip from our end - choosing the right company is also as critical as choosing the right framework.

Which big companies use VueJS?

Anyhow, let’s have a look at the top 10 companies! Keep reading.

1. Adobe

Adobe is a large American software firm that focuses on providing tools for a variety of creative individuals, including graphic artists, artists, photographers, animators, video editors, and many others.

Adobe agreed to move the front-end teams to Vue.js and transition the entire codebase seamlessly in order to keep the excellent user interface and results.

Vue.js was simple to merge with the current codebase and perform admirably for Adobe.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool that assists you in correcting your grammar mistakes and is widely used by individuals throughout the world. Grammarly searches for misspellings, and historical, and punctuation mistakes in the text.

Grammarly's tech stack is highly diversified, ranging from Common Lisp at its foundation to TensorFlow and Python in AI/ML components, Spark and Scala in the Data Science department, and Vue.js in certain UI elements!

Many of the editor's functionality is rolled up in an easy, straightforward interface. Vue.js was used to build the editor, which is not surprising.

3. GitLab

GitLab, an open-source approach that serves the whole software development lifecycle, failed to expand its Rails + jQuery app and had trouble integrating and managing complex functionality.

Then they adopted Vue.js to solve their problem and, as usual, this framework comes to the rescue.

GitLab was able to save time and money by using Vue.js. It also helps GitLab to introduce more advanced features, which resulted in increased revenue.

4. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing website that connects businesses, and individuals to help them grow their careers. Upwork has over eighteen million freelance professionals and five million clients enrolled. As a result of the statistics, it is apparent that Upwork receives a large number of visitors.

It's understandable that they wanted to deliver the best possible service to their customers. That's why they chose Vue for some of the most crucial aspects of their platform.

5. Netflix

Netflix is the go-to streaming platform for consumers who want to binge-watch a good show or catch a movie that isn't playing in theaters.

Vue.js is an excellent platform for developers who need to create video streaming technologies. Vue.js apps run some of Netflix's core systems, along with some critical cloud data storage services.

Given that Netflix's devs were pleased enough with Vue.js to publicly praise it, Vue.js must've been worth the investment.

6. Laravel

For web developers, Laravel is a popular programming platform. It has an official website that uses Vue.js for front-end programming.

Vue.js is the recommended language of programming when Laravel is deployed since it is simple to incorporate and lightweight. Vue.js is a wonderful alternative for designing applications because it is simple to comprehend and lightweight.

Laravel is a well-known website because it includes Vue.js, which speeds up front-end development and allows you to accomplish more with less coding.

7. 9GAG

9GAG is amongst the most popular sites on the Web, according to Alexa rankings. Another notable website that uses Vue JS is 9GAG. This is a Hong Kong-based social networking site that is well known for its "memes" and funny material.

The team had to find a front-end technology strong enough to withstand the heaviest load while being accessible in order to keep customers exploring. Vue.js proved to be the finest candidate for the position, and the brand has since become one of the framework's most well-known customers.

8. BMW

Have you ever considered building your own BMW? A man can fantasize... It's possible with BMW USA's automobile configurator!

It lets you choose the color scheme, wheels, and upholstery of your own choice. It also guides you through several feature packages based on your requirements. And all of this is feasible because of Vue; in fact, this premium vehicle firm is using Vuejs for development.

9. Alibaba

Alibaba, a publicly traded Chinese company, is another exciting Vue.js adopter. It is a huge multi-vendor eCommerce platform entrusted to offer an outstanding experience to its clients.

The organization was an early supporter of Vue.js, owing to the framework's intrinsic features. Alibaba, the Chinese eCommerce behemoth, has embraced Vue.js in order to provide its customers with a superior experience.

Vue.js is now extensively used in most of the company's services as well as a plethora of developer tools.

10. is a platform you can probably check out if you are looking for discounts on famous brands. The performance of the Vue.js system, as well as the smooth and clean interface, ensures that you have a pleasant experience when scrolling through sections and special offers. Furthermore, the application is extremely smooth, ensuring that you do not miss any falls.


Choosing the appropriate method for the job is a crucial choice. It is becoming more difficult to keep pace with the rapid evolution of new technology. Each emerging technology, of course, has its own set of disadvantages and benefits.

Knowing that well-known businesses use technology will make you feel more confident about its value for your organization.

But, on the other hand, choosing the right development company is also very crucial, so make sure you choose the best in the town, whether it would be a platform or a development company.


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