Giriraj Digital is going to attend the biggest international conference -

Code garden, the largest conference for the Umbraco community, will take place on June 15-17, 2022 - and it will be a hybrid event for the very first time!

Code garden will be in-person with both live and on-demand broadcasting of active learning conversations, demonstrations, masterclasses, keynotes, and networking opportunities focused on web designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and like-minded Umbraco experts.

Attending the Code garden is an unbeatable chance to network, learn, and get inspired by other Umbraco experts.

"You gain from the finest at Code garden, which is exactly how tech events should be," stated Kim Sneum Madsen, CEO of Umbraco.

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Industry professionals from Microsoft and Spotify will contribute their thoughts and information — as well as best practices, such as the composable DXP, which relies on Umbraco's 'best-of-breed' approach — at this year's hybrid conference.

Code garden encourages people to reconnect and make genuine connections. With presenters from international firms and specialists from the Umbraco industry, the Code garden will have multiple educational paths: technical/creative and business/commercial.

Let's catch up at CodeGarden!

Let's connect over a coffee & have some Networking..

How Giriraj Digital will benefit from this event?

Giriraj Digital is attending this amazing, value-packed event - Code garden 2022, that too in person. It will be the best in a class interactive session that nurtures a hell lot of Umbraco knowledge and with a fresh approach to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to our clients.

Get Update

Getting latest updates

The speakers at this Umbraco international conference will be sharing the latest yet information updates about CMS and Cloud technology, digital experience, productivity, Umbraco DXP and much more.

Through this latest knowledge, we’ll get exciting insights that help us to serve our clients with better end results.

Get Solutions

Getting to experience unique Umbraco solutions

We’ll be experiencing some of the best yet unique solutions from different companies and individuals to get a fresh perspective on the development and implementation.

It will give us unique ideas to come up with highly satisfactory and future-proof solutions.

Event Engaging

Engaging with like-minded individuals

As the Giriraj team is going to attend this interactive event in person, we will be engaging with some experts and networking with experts from different fields. It will help us perceive a new approach and deliver solutions that stand out from the crowd.

To Conclude -

Giriraj Digital is attending this amazing, value-packed event - Code garden 2022, that too in person. It will be the best in a class interactive session that nurtures a hell lot of Umbraco knowledge and with a fresh approach to deliver out of the box solutions to our clients.



Business sessions

Global companies, marketers, tech suppliers, and industry professionals will share their expertise on multichannel, composable DXP, and more than they discuss digitalization and modern customer interactions.

Technical sessions

You'll learn everything there is to know regarding Cloud, MACH, DevOps, and, of course, Umbraco! The workshops will cover a wide range of topics, from expert-led delving deep into technology to glimpses into what the future holds in life.

Speakers for the event are as follows:

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

VP Director

Scott Hunter

VP Director

The VP director of programme management at Microsoft, where he is primarily responsible for the Azure and NET platforms.

Layla Porter

Layla Porter


Layla Porter


Also known as Live Coder, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Star is another speaker at Code garden 2022.

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman


Scott Hanselman


Very well known as podcast host, blogger, and presenter who works for Microsoft's website builder group.

Per Ploug

Per Ploug

Project Manager

Per Ploug

Project Manager

The event will also feature a session by a Spotify open-source project management lead

Bjarke Berg

Bjarkle Berg

Team Leader

Bjarkle Berg

Team Leader

The team lead at Umbraco HQ and one of the conference speakers.

Eleftheria Batsou

Eleftheria Batsou

Community Manager

Eleftheria Batsou

Community Manager

Community Manager, will also be speaking at this event and will share some fascinating insights.

Why is Code garden a one-of-a-kind conference?

Code garden is the world's largest international Umbraco event. This is the only Umbraco conference organised and hosted entirely by Umbraco HQ.

The two-day conference programme will be full of opportunities to discuss, connect, and take part in exciting activities, in addition to a programme packed with inspirational speeches from industry leaders.

This way, if you're joining in person or digitally, you won't lose the friendly atmosphere and sense of community that Codegarden is known for.

Because there's one more element in the Code garden: it's both fun and informative.

Experts in the field give motivational presentations

Learning at its core

Take part in a jam-packed schedule of seminars from industry professionals ranging from Umbraco to Microsoft, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

We also get the opportunity to learn about the most recent advances in CMS and Cloud technologies, as well as a digital experience, efficiency, and other topics.

Some value-packed insights

Another thing that excites us is learning from the best and most inventive Umbraco solutions at the Umbraco Awards and getting inspiration and valuable insights.

We'll be getting some incredible and groundbreaking insights directly from Umbraco, as well as some unique news and releases.

A hybrid conference that is both entertaining and engaging.

The lively and welcoming ambience of the Code garden has always drawn us in, allowing us to meet some professionals and participate in highly fun yet engaging sessions with like-minded people.

Going hybrid opens up new possibilities for creativity. You'll get to take part in some of the quirky and entertaining activities which enhance the overall experience.


Nikhil Sir


CTO & Co-Founder



Vice President - Customer Success



13th June to 1st July 2022


3rd July to 8th July 2022

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