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Angular vs Vue - Head-to-toe Comparison Between Best JavaScript Platforms!

Aug 03, 2022
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Considering which front-end platform to use for your upcoming web development project?

Angular and Vue are two different terms that come to mind when discussing the top front-end product development technologies.

JavaScript frameworks are constantly popular in the realm of front-end programming. They are preferable for future developments than they are for creating cross-platform programs.

Angular and Vue dominate the framework world when it comes to prominent front-end JavaScript frameworks in 2022. But, with so many advantages, which architecture will be more beneficial to your company?

To solve this confusion, we as a leading Vue js development company will compare both amazing JavaScript frameworks, namely Vuejs and Angularjs to give you a better idea about the same.

Angular vs Vue – The Ultimate Framework Comparison

Brief about the Vuejs framework!

Vue.js is a prominent JavaScript front-end platform that is still relatively fresh. This tool includes all the essential components and features to ensure a smooth and effective app development endeavor.

Evan, You launched Vue.js as a side project, a one-man show. Nevertheless, over time, Vue.js has gained massive popularity due to its plethora of features and best-in-class support.

Vue is created from scratch to be incrementally adoptable, unlike some other monolithic platforms. The core library is simple to use and connect with other libraries or existing systems because it only concentrates on the view layer.

And if you would like to achieve the best out of this platform then partner with a qualified Vuejs development company and get the ball rolling.

Brief about the Angular.js framework!

Angular.js is another prominent front-end web development platform. Miko Hevery created this TypeScript-based JavaScript framework.

It was created by Google and underwent considerable revisions when the second edition was launched in 2016. Angular 2 was subsequently rebranded as Angular and separated from Angular.js because of widespread confusion.

Angular.js is a well-known framework with a large number of ardent supporters. MVC architecture, HTML templates, and features like MongoDB, Node.JS, and Express.JS have maintained Angular at the forefront for years.

Without a doubt, Angular is a comprehensive front-end development framework that is well suited to the building of online applications.

Angular Vs Vue Comparison between the two best frameworks!

Learning curve

Vue is easier to understand than Angular, especially if you're switching from those frameworks. Vue.js is written entirely in JavaScript, and its templates are created in HTML. As a result, Vue developers do not need to master any other programming language than JavaScript.

With the assistance of their manual, you can begin using Vue in a day if you have a good understanding of JavaScript.

Angular, on the other hand, is a tough language to master. As a result, learning is quite difficult for novices when it comes to angular.

Winner - Vue


Both Vue and Angular include built-in protection against malicious attacks. Vue supports HTML content escaping as well as attribute binding. Angular helps prevent cross-site request forgery (XSRF), cross-site script insertion, and cross-site scripting, by performing something similar to the sanitization method.

It's important to remember that the developer is primarily responsible for the code's security.

Following quality standards such as using only trusted templates, timely framework upgrades, sanitizing plugins and APIs, and implementing security rules is the best way to protect your end product and its users from security threats.

However, when it comes to choosing the best security access, Angular is the obvious winner in this one!

Winner - Angular

Community support

Google funding supports angular, but this says nothing about its popularity or community size. Many programmers may consider a more personal approach like Vue.js to be much more down-to-earth and community-driven.

Vue.js is likely to be preferred by startups over Angular since it is better suited to smaller projects.

Furthermore, both frameworks are built on JavaScript, which has a sizable community of web developers who may find common ground in the language rather than a single framework.

Vuejs leads in terms of community support, although Angular also has a large community that can provide you with full support.

Winner - Vue


Vue.js is less restrictive than Angular and offers Vue developers great compatibility for a wide choice of development systems with no restrictions on app architecture.

Angular is an authoritative platform that encourages programmers to comply with a pre-determined project structure and design principles.

In comparison to Angular, Vue is more adaptable and provides Vuejs developers with official support for a wide range of development systems without imposing constraints on the app structure.

When we compare the two JavaScript languages in terms of flexibility, Vue.js comes out on top.

Winner - Vue


Vue has a higher number of stars on GitHub, with roughly 200k stars. Evan You, an ex-Googler, is the site's creator and leader. As per BuiltWith, it's a highly robust, autonomous open-source project that's used by over 1 million websites.

Google created Angular, yet it's strange that it's not employed in some of their main applications like Search or YouTube.

It's frequently used in enterprise applications, and it drives around 97,000 websites, as per the Build with the report. On GitHub, it has about 80k ratings, which is significantly less than Vuejs.

Winner - Vue

Vue Vs Angular - Wrapping up!

It's critical to think about all the points stated above before selecting a JavaScript framework for your next project. Each architecture has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so you must pick which one best suits your requirements.

Both are outstanding front-end web development platforms. You can go with either one depending on your needs.

As a result, both frameworks can provide high-performance applications. To receive the best-in-class online solutions, you may also contact a top-tier angular js or Vuejs development company.

After reading this article, you should be able to quickly choose between Angular and Vue for your project. Leave your replies in the comments section and tell us which framework you prefer.


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