Umbraco V7 comes to its EOL(End-Of-Life) - What to do now?


All good things must be brought to an end, particularly in the field of software development. Improvements for CMS platforms are continuously made available to give you a more reliable digital platform.

As a result, earlier versions of CMS platforms are becoming obsolete and expiring. New versions include improved editing capabilities, faster performance, and greater functionality.

The most recent CMS version headed for the software graveyard.

The same applies to Umbraco V7. In September 2023, Umbraco 7 will reach its "end of life" after being in use for ten years.

Therefore, if your company still uses Umbraco V7, don't worry; we've got you covered. The process of updating is a little tricky, but it will be worth it.

To know more about Umbraco 7 End-of-Life, the updated version, and how to update it.

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Updating to a newer version!

If you continue using that version, your website or service will be vulnerable to safety and performance problems. Furthermore, Umbraco does not advise doing this. After this date, nobody will understand what to expect. No business would ever put their company in danger without considering upgrading their website or switching to a new product version.

Unfortunately, Umbraco 7 cannot be upgraded directly to a newer version. It is possible to migrate, but doing so will require careful preparation with your Umbraco partner team, as a number of variables affect the project's scope.

In a nutshell, it probably entails re-platforming your website onto a new Umbraco version.

Why is it not recommended to stay on Umbraco V7?

Technically, yes; nevertheless, Umbraco does not advise operating on Umbraco 7 when it enters the EOL period. If you choose to use a major that is no longer supported, you can encounter the following problems:  

Security problems - Since Umbraco has exited the security phase, it no longer offers solutions for potential security problems. Although the software will continue to function, there is no assurance that it will do so in a secure manner after the EOL date.

Compliance - There are frequent regulations in place for EOL software. Running Umbraco 7 after it has gone. EOL puts compliance regulations in jeopardy. The easiest way to avoid this is to upgrade to a compatible version of Umbraco as soon as possible.

Outdated functionality - Another reason why updating to the current major edition is recommended is to ensure that you always get all of the additional features, enhancements, and updates that come with it. You can't work with the quickest and most effective version of Umbraco if you continue using a version that is past its EOL date or in the security phase.

Umbraco support is unavailable - To give its users the finest functionality and security possible, {it releases major updates twice a year. Minors are issued updates, patches, and additional features every six weeks. However, this support is not accessible with the expired Umbraco version.

To put it simply, utilizing a major version of Umbraco after its EOL date may result in the CMS not being as dependable, secure, and user-friendly as you are accustomed to. Enhanced protection, best-in-class features, strong support, and other benefits come with updating to a revamped version.

How to upgrade to a newer version of Umbraco?

To upgrade to a newer version of Umbraco, you should follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to back up your website and database to get started.
  2. Download the latest version of Umbraco from the official website.
  3. Install the new version of Umbraco, making sure to overwrite the existing files.
  4. Run the Upgrade process by navigating to the install path of your website.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process, which will update your database and make any necessary changes to your custom code.
  6. Test your website thoroughly to ensure everything is working as expected.

It's recommended to perform the upgrade on a development environment first and make any necessary changes to your custom code and templates before upgrading your live website.

Upgrading to the newer version.

Upgrading to version 8!

Switching to Version 8 might seem like the simplest course of action, but we do not advise it.

Simply put, updating to the newest version is like kicking a broken can down the road. Version 8 will be the following version to become outdated, and the time savings from switching to Version 8 won't offset the requirement for a complete upgrade down the road.

Upgrading to version 10

Obviously, upgrading completely to the most recent version is the best choice regarding quality and security. Of course, there are two ways to perform the upgrade; it is not as simple as pressing a button.

In order to upgrade content and document types without making any changes, you must first perform three separate upgrades.

  • Get Version 8 and make the database changes.
  • Get Version 9 and upgrade the database.
  • Get Version 10 and update the database.

On the contrary, you can forego the three upgrades and start over with Version 10 of the website. In this instance, you'll build a new repository for Version 10, complete with a fresh database and content organization.

The only alternative for the future that is still conceivable is to upgrade to version 10. It is undoubtedly difficult and time-consuming. You're not only switching to a more secure product that gets a lot of attention from the community and Umbraco itself, but you're also gaining updated features, strong customer support, an intuitive user interface, improved performance, and other improvements.

To Conclude

So, with this blog, we hope you have got to know about the importance of upgrading to the newer version.

So, whether you merely want to update and relocate your present website to the newest Umbraco version or rework the layout as a part of the process - we have got you covered.

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