8 Benefits of Migrating from Umbraco 8 to Umbraco 9 - Check it out now!


With each new Umbraco release, you get a better and simpler CMS. Faster and easier for editors, programmers, web agencies, and everyday Umbraco users.

Umbraco 9 combines the widely acclaimed editor-friendly CMS with a contemporary engine beneath the hood, allowing developers to do more, better, and quicker. It also leads to the production of stunning websites and digital solutions that appear and function just as you require.

Umbraco 9 CMS has multilingual site compatibility, an organized media library, and Infinite Editing, which assures a smooth operation for editors. It also provides a fully customized interface for developing solutions based on your specifications.

Why Umbraco 9 is better than Umbraco version 8?

1. Configuration

This is a large topic that has undergone significant changes in Umbraco 9 because of. NET Core changing how it manages configuration. This is arguably the most difficult change to grasp, and it is a fantastic one that leads to a lot of flexibility and numerous alternatives.

It allows customization to come from a variety of sources, including AppSettings. json and the corresponding environment-specific overrides AppSettings. Development. json, as well as environment variables used in locations such as Azure.

Formerly, Umbraco Health Check-ups in the back office could change some settings for you manually. But, with Umbraco 9 configuration changes, health checks will now solely advise you on what settings and parameters you need to alter.

2. Based on robust Microsoft Architecture

The most significant change is that Umbraco 9 includes a complete overhaul of the CMS's technological stack, which is now entirely based on Microsoft's. NET 5 and ASP. NET Core.

With the Microsoft-mandated update, programmers are no longer functioning on the older. NET platform. The Umbraco development team took advantage of the chance to bring the codebase up-to-date, making it more appealing to developers and providing a stable base for coming years.

3. API, services and tech enhancements

Developers can now take complete advantage of the current framework's capabilities, which include enhancements to all existing APIs and services, as well as accessibility to exciting new technology such as Razor TagHelpers, Microsoft Dependency Injection, and View Components.

Significant performance improvements occur with an improved underlying tech stack. Umbraco projects are now much speedier, less resource-intensive, and more flexible than before, thanks to the new framework.

Developers can create more visually appealing sites and more efficient solutions for their customers.

4. Compatibility with different operating systems

Now, with Umbraco 9 users of MacOS and Linux can also be able to join us! Umbraco is now cross-platform compliant with all platforms that support it. NET, including MacOS and Linux, thanks to version 9's use of.NET 5.

As a result of this compatibility, there are a plethora of additional features and extensive advantages. This opens up the CMS to additional developers, who can now work their magic in Umbraco on their favorite platform.

5. Varied options for tools and hosting

You can now choose your favorite tool as a developer or business unit! You can get proper IntelliSense in your Umbraco project if you utilize VSCode. Visual Studio and Rider are two other popular options that can be used to their full potential with Umbraco 9.

When it comes to hosting, you can use Umbraco's SaaS platform, Umbraco Cloud, which was created specifically for Umbraco websites.

And now, with Umbraco 9, it's even more versatile! However, if you require a different sort of hosting, Umbraco 9 and ASP. NET 5 provides a wider selection of options.

6. Helpful for beginner developers

The most noticeable and significant change is the transition from.NET Framework to ASP.NET 5. Microsoft is no longer developing the.NET Framework technology.

As a result, an upgrade was required, and the Umbraco development team, in collaboration with the Unicore community team, updated the codebase. It will make Umbraco more appealing to novice C# and.NET developers, as well as make the CMS more future-proof.

7. Cross-platform function

We get performance benefits by migrating the entire program to.NET Core because of a superior core technology stack. But we believe the most common thing people identify with.NET Core is the inclusion of cross-platform portability.

Yes, following this release, we will be able to utilize Umbraco natively on MAC without the need for Windows virtual environment to undertake development work on a Umbraco site.

8. Updation in Umbraco Pacakges

To function with the current version, all the basic Umbraco modules have been updated. That implies you can use Umbraco Deploy to release your script, schema, and content, or use Umbraco Forms to construct and change your forms right away.

These packages are included by default on Umbraco Cloud, which has undergone a number of enhancements to aid developer workflow and increase scalability.

They have upgraded a variety of packages in the ecosystem to operate with v9, such as Examine for search, ImageSharp for image management, and Vendr for eCommerce. NuGet, the dot NET ecosystem's common package manager, is now used to install all packages.

What's the next ladder in Umbraco version 8?

The new framework will not run Umbraco 8 packages, so you'll have to move them. However, the headquarters will continue to upgrade new features and offer software updates too..

After the last minor update, they pledged at least three more years of maintenance and security patches. Future Umbraco will incrementally integrate 8 modifications and additions into DotNET Core version.

To Conclude-

Users can expect a better, more reliable, more predictable future with Umbraco. Users can rest certain that as Umbraco develops, their projects will remain up to date and safe, even after development has ceased.

It's encouraging to see so much development in this area, as it improves the core Umbraco experience while also allowing expanding the platform. With integrations across important services, it'll be exciting to see how this evolves as v9 matures.

It's always a good idea to maintain your Umbraco software up to date and always use the most recent version. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your migration-related needs, then Giriraj Digital is your all-time partner.

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