Umbraco released V11 - Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Umbraco 11 release - Introduction

In recent news, Umbraco released the latest version 11 on Dec 1, 2022. With the newest release of Umbraco 11, another milestone has been crossed off the list. What will migrating your existing site from Umbraco 10 to Umbraco 11 mean for you? Numerous upgrades, changes, and new capabilities for developers and editors alike contribute to Umbraco's latest major version.

This time, though, it is not simply the CMS that is being updated. Along with version 11, you receive a gleaming new Umbraco Marketplace, where you can browse packages, plugins, and Tech Partners straight from the new website. Umbraco 11 content has also got a new home, with much-enhanced accessibility, navigation, and other features.

Let's not go too far ahead of ourselves; firstly, let's have a look at Umbraco 11's innovative capabilities and enhancements.

Here’s more about Umbraco V11!

The accessibility of Umbraco is a crucial factor in its success, not just in the back office environment, as well as the flexibility and freedom that Umbraco provides for developers.

In the following years, each odd edition, such as 11, 13, 15, and so forth, will be predicated on the newest.NET version, such that when Microsoft publishes a.NET version in November, our release in November/December will contain an upgrade to the newest version - but by the way, that each of these releases, 13, 17, 21, and etc, will have long-term stability. 

Developers may benefit from the most recent platform and .NET language enhancements in this manner. That, in our opinion, is really developer-focused and beneficial in the long run.

Migrate Umbraco 10 to 11 - Why to switch from Umbraco V10 to V11?

The all-new features of Umbraco v11!

The block Grid editor

Umbraco’s all-new Block Grid Editor is an updated Property Editor that will take the place of the well-known Grid Layouts Editor. The objective is to give editors the best architecture and content features that are built on current and future-proof tech, as well as to enhance the programmer experience.

The Block Grid Editor includes a number of similar functionalities and capabilities that make the Grid Layouts Property Editor so successful, it now uses Element Types and blocks as the primary building blocks. This implies a wider range of out-of-the-box editors, considerably more configurable settings, and a slew of enhanced functionalities.

Boost in performance

Umbraco 11 has changed the platform's targeted framework to .Net 7, which has significantly improved this system's performance. C# has also been upgraded to its most recent version, C# 11.

You also receive a new version of the web framework with ASP.Net Core 7 because.Net 7 was utilized with Umbraco 11 previously. The numerous other new capabilities that will come with .Net 7 will be fascinating to observe.

The release includes more than a thousand PRs with a performance-related focus. The release note also includes information on the technical aspects of the improvements.

Helps you develop beautiful front-end

However, having a solid setup and a wonderful editing experience is not enough; it must also transfer into something fantastic on the front end. You should have total control over markup and CSS, as with everything Umbraco.

To render Block Grid information, there are auxiliary methods. You have the option of using the sample rendering that comes with Umbraco or creating your own custom renderer.

You could also generate partial views for your own Blocks, and it all includes complete Models Builder compatibility, so as a programmer, you can use the Block Grid Builder with statically typed datasets.

Beneficial for Enterprises

Umbraco has benefited from the latest.NET implementations in terms of performance, and we've witnessed significant speed gains in the previous several years. However, because Umbraco now stores all information in memory, running the largest sites can become rather resource-heavy. As a result, more and more businesses are expanding and shining on this platform.

To make matters even better, Umbraco is considering implementing lazy loading of material in version 13 to better handle the largest Umbraco sites by loading the least utilized information only when it is required. This will help all sites since they will be able to operate with limited resources.

Ease of use for content editors

TinyMCE is the JavaScript framework that supports the Rich Text Editor in Umbraco CMS's Backoffice. TinyMCE has been updated and optimized for Umbraco 11. It is a carefully tuned engine capable of wrapping HTML and displaying it in a user-friendly manner to content editors.

As a result, content editors may update their material with confidence that TinyMCE will store and safeguard their changes as HTML in the database.

TinyMCE 4 was used in prior Umbraco versions. However, with the introduction of version 6, Umbraco 11 saw the completion of TinyMCE. As a result, you can now anticipate its most recent upgrades with Umbraco 11.

Seamless Architecture

Umbraco has separated some of the closely connected dependencies that existed in Umbraco 9 and 10 further in this edition. Even though the previous few major versions have made significant progress in this area and a lot of effort has gone into designing cleaner architecture, it may still be difficult to update some dependencies or even replace them altogether.

With updates to the structure and how these dependencies are addressed, this is now easier. Most people will recognize the changes here, and the route forward is clearer with the current Umbraco version 11.

Upgrade from Umbraco v10 to v11 Upgrade - To wrap it up!

So, here we have covered everything you need to know about Umbraco's latest release - Umbraco version 11. This latest version is home to a lot of enhancements and added features, which we just can’t wait to try.

So, have you tried any new features yet? If yes, let us know more in the comment below.

And, if you are having trouble upgrading the version or would want to hire Umbraco developer then contact Giriraj Digital, the leading Umbraco experts will assist you.

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