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NodeJS is the best choice for development! Here are 9 reasons why?


Node.js has become a popular choice among developers for creating online applications in only a little over ten years. Node.js is widely used in the United States, with 6.3 million websites employing it. Companies including Amazon, LinkedIn, Netflix, and PayPal have discovered use cases for it. According to research, using this free JavaScript runtime environment can cut operational costs by 58%.

It ultimately simplifies the task of creating web applications while providing NodeJS developers with a wealth of tools. It is the best option for companies wishing to use a cross-platform runtime environment and real-time applications.

However, if you need more convincing, here are 9 reasons why Node.js is becoming popular and why a wide range of businesses are using it.

Why should you use NodeJS for your next development project? Let's find out!

Effective data management

Node.js streams significantly simplify I/O tasks. It dramatically reduces memory use and allows applications that handle massive volumes of data to run more swiftly and effectively. Because their data is stored in the clearly intelligible JSON type, Node, js-based real-time applications can run database queries quickly.

Increased scalability

Enterprise apps must be scalable because a company's requirements may change as it develops over time. Nodejs will make it easier by using the NodeJS runtime to speed up Google Chrome V8. This framework is created in C++, which enables programmers to write code for several operating systems.

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The V8 engine is very well-liked by large enterprises for increasing app speed and performance. It is packed with the newest JS capabilities and uses the most recent security fixes, performance enhancements, and routine updates.

Since NodeJS is single-threaded, it executes input-output operations using event lockup and callbacks. Node.js' unique architecture makes it easier for developers to manage multiple connections simultaneously. NodeJS is a wonderful option for creating business apps since it is adept at managing a wide range of connection requests.

Huge community support

Due to its success, Node.JS has a large software development team, and its developers are constantly striving to create new modules. Furthermore, developers can openly ask questions of other developers in the many active Node.JS forums to get their doubts cleared. Additionally, it is supported by a number of well-known companies, like Uber, Medium, Trello, etc.

Robust SEO

Your web app developer doesn't want to miss out on the SEO game if there is one thing. Due to the search engine's ability to improve the React projects, the Node.js back-end rendering increases the online performance. Along with providing a great customer experience, fast performance, and high speed also improve SEO results.

Modern tech

You would be shocked to learn that it is only a little over ten years old. In comparison to other programming languages like PHP or Java, which have been around for many years, Node.js is relatively young.

Although the technology has advanced significantly in recent years and is reliable enough to be utilized in practical applications, the language is still relatively new and has the opportunity to develop.

We are convinced that as long as programmers continue to use it and contribute to the broader community of developers, this open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment will continue to increase in acceptance and stability.


A cost-benefit analysis revealed that Node.js development services are significantly less expensive than any alternative. Compared to PHP or Java servers, it has reduced memory usage.

A Node.js server runs on an event-driven cycle, which conserves a significant amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) and even fewer hardware and software resources.

Well-suited for developing SPAs.

Node.js, like single-page websites, may generate a single-page application (SPA) that appears and feels like desktop software. Because of its flexibility, Node.js is an excellent choice for building social media platforms, responsive websites, and email systems. Moreover, Node.js is the best choice for SPA Nodejs development services due to its asynchronous back-end data flow efficiency.

Integration with AWS

All online applications require a host, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely used hosting platform, accounting for 32% of the cloud industry. AWS natively supports Node.js and is fully embedded with the infrastructure.

Cloud9, an in-browser Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by Amazon, allow users to create and edit code straight from their browser. It's one of the lowest entry points for a resilient microservice, and it's Node.js compliant.

Not only can JavaScript be used with AWS tools like its specialized Cloud9 IDE, but Node.js can also leverage Amazon's Internet of Things (IoT) SDK as well as the AWS Cloud Development Kit for JavaScript.

Real-time node js development services.

Real-time apps give consumers dynamic, spontaneous engagement situations. Gaming applications, chat apps, and so forth are examples. Their creation entails a significant amount of event-based coding as well as interaction with a non-blocking server. Node.js enables developers to focus their efforts on the real-time development of web applications by utilizing asynchronous activities to optimize cooperation with the CPU and memory.


To wrap it up!

As you can see, there are several benefits to using Node.js for online and app development. It is quick, scalable, and offers a large community of modules that help with node js development services. It is also supported by Amazon Web Services and is utilized by several popular apps.

Node.js is the clear choice if you're seeking a JavaScript framework that will assist you in creating an app fast and efficiently. However, remember that unless you employ a team of professionals and UX/UI designers, it will be impossible to fully utilize this technology.

If you are considering a web application project and want to hire the best-in-class Node.js developers or DevOps engineers, contact the Giriraj Digital team, and we will help you.

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